As the world has turned upside down throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we, alongside many of you, have reprioritized things in our lives and have made the difficult decision to close our business, as a whole, permanently. If 2020 has taught us anything it is the importance of family and quality of life and we've made a conscious decision to focus all of our previously avocado-focused energy on both of those key aspects of our life...Between recovering from the fire in our home, COVID impacts on our industry as a whole, staffing shortages and general mental fatigue from the chaos of the last year plus, it is time for us to take a break from our 12-16 hour days in the kitchen and embrace our newly-found "life is too short" mantra...

It has been a pleasure to serve you all!  We hope that you have also found new passions, priorities and focuses, and the realization that your new excitement or appreciation for life should not be a fleeting feeling....LIFE IS TRULY TOO SHORT! Enjoy the ride!  XOXO



                                                                              John & Syl

Thank You & Farewell

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