Catering Options 

(Occasionally available as specials on the truck)

Special Main DIshes:

Shrimp Ceviche Tacos

Two shrimp tacos, marinated in lime juice, with juicy tomatoes and cilantro, topped with our citrus slaw and house-made Avocado Crema. Served Ceviche-Style (cold) in a warm, toasted tortilla

Chicken & Avocado Waffles

Our homemade avocado waffles topped arugula with fried chicken guac and our chipotle maple syrup!  If you want to make this reeeeeally special we can top it off with candied bacon !

Cuban Quesadilla

Smoked ham, roasted pork loin, swiss cheese, dijon mustard, guac and spicy pickles 

Special Appetizers/Light Bites:

Spring Rolls
Vegan spring rolls stuffed with red cabbage, yellow peppers, corn, cumin and ginger

Avocado Egg Roll

Diced avocado, red onion, sundried tomato, spices and cilantro. 

Just for Fun: 

Avocado Mac & Cheese Cones

Gooey avocado mac and cheese served in a blue corn Konery cone topped with bits of chorizo  & tequila sauce.

Guac Dog 
Juicy Sabrett Hot Dog topped with roasted corn & jalepenos and Guac on a toasted bun. Move over ketchup - Guac is movin' in!

Food, GLORIOUS Food!  At The Guac Spot, the only thing we love more than GUAC is our Menu Development!  We go above and beyond to create tasty, guacamole & avocado covered items inspired by the theme of each event we attend.  

Check out our daily food truck menu and some of our catering highlights here and stay tuned as we add more from our upcoming events!

**NOTE:  Items noted as "Gluten Free" on our menu are free of items containing gluten, HOWEVER, at times we do work in a shared kitchen space, and handle ingredients containing gluten regularly in both our kitchen and food truck and consequently can not prevent cross-contamination. 

A NOTE ON FOOD ALLERGIES:  Please inform us at the time of your order if you have any food allergies. 

Yummy Eats


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Daily Food Truck Menu

Light Bites:

Avocado Toast

Lightly toasted whole wheat toast topped with sliced beefsteak tomato, our Signature Guac, a drizzle of our homemade balsamic reduction and a delicate edible flower​​.                                                                          

Chips & Guac
Tortilla Chips with our Signature Guacamole       ​

Tacos, SLIDERS & MAIN Dishes

Black Bean & Quinoa Tacos or Sliders
Perfectly seasoned quinoa, black beans, and bell pepper smothered with Guac and topped with a Red Cabbage Slaw and Sriracha         

Candied-Apple Pork Taco
Slow Roasted Pork, dipped in our homemade IPA based BBQ sauce, and signature "spiced up" brown sugar rub, topped with our crispy apple slaw and guac on flour tortillas.                                                                     

Bourbon Chicken Tacos

Sweet, tangy bourbon sauce with with a hint of spice topped with Sesame-Citrus slaw and guac.

Drunken Jerk Chicken Tacos  
Spicy Dark meat chicken marinated in Jamaican Rum and authentic jerk chicken herbs and spices, topped with citrus-mango slaw and a scoop of our Signature guac.  Two 6-inch tacos per order.

Coconut Brown Rice Platters

Fluffy coconut rice with seasoned black beans, a big scoop of our signature guac and super fresh pico de gallo. GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS AVAILABLE.

VEGAN/VEG VERSION:                                                    

CARNIVORE OPTIONS:  Add your choice of spicy shredded CHICKEN or BBQ ROASTED PORK.                 


Black Bean Nachos
Corn tortilla chips topped with seasoned black beans  & red cabbage Sriracha slaw, and avocado crema (optional).  GLUTEN FREE**                       

IPA Pork Nachos
Corn tortilla chips topped with slow roasted pork, smothered in our homemade IPA based BBQ sauce, and topped with our crispy apple slaw and big scoop of guac and avocado crema.                                         

Drunken Jerk Chicken Nachos  
Corn tortilla chips topped with spicy dark meat chicken marinated in Jamaican Rum and authentic jerk chicken herbs and spices, topped with citrus-mango slaw and a scoop of our signature guac and avocado crema.  GLUTEN FREE**

Tasty Sides​

Street Corn "Off the Cob"

Spicy roasted corn topped with avocado crema, cotija cheese & crumbled bacon.

"KEEP IT VEG":  Skip the bacon

"MAKE IT VEGAN":  Swap the regular toppings for a scoop of guac.                                                                      $4

Coconut Rice w/Black Beans)

Coconut milk infused brown rice with seasoned black beans.                                                                         $3

Chips & Guac
Add a small side serving of chips & guac to any menu item                                                                            $3


Avo Sweets: ( It's hard to contain all this 'yum' in one food truck, but we usually keep one or 2 dessert items aboard to feed your sweet tooth! ) 

Chocolate Macaron filled with white chocolate & avocado ganache

Chocolate Dipped Avocado & Maple Bacon Cannolis
No written description could do this justice so we just put it all in the name – and YES, it tastes as good as it sounds!

Homemade Avocado Ice Cream Sundae

There is nothing more refreshing than our super creamy, homemade Avocado Ice Cream! Served in a cup or a waffle cone with rotating toppings, like caramel, nutella whipped cream, candied bacon or chocolate sauce.

Coconut Cupcakes with Avocado Buttercream

Fluffy white coconut cake with our decadent homemade Avocado Buttercream frosting! (Other cake flavors available)

ABC Pudding Cups
Rich, creamy avocado, banana, and chocolate pudding with a crushed oreo bottom, topped with coconut whipped cream and  and dusted with cocoa powder and a mint leaf.